What Technology?

On Thursday, at dinner, my teenage niece was aghast at what I had just done. My cellphone beeped, indicating a message had arrived. And I IGNORED IT!

She was visibly agitated. “Aren’t you going to see what it is? It’s on YOUR cellphone!”

And became even more so when I replied: “I don’t check my SMS often.”

Shock written large on her face, she turned back to her meal.

= = =

On Friday, my cousin walked into my office asking if I would help him by sending an email to the University he was registered at.

I explained how I had once emailed them for a related matter, and they never did get back to me… about how unreliable email had become.

Surprised, he exclaimed “I can understand them not replying to a letter or phone call, but email… !”

He was still shaking his head in amazement as he left the room.

= = =

On Saturday, I got a Twitter DM (direct message) from my friend Kevin Riley. He wanted some information to use in a manifesto he’s working on. I replied to it within a half hour.

At the same time, in my email inbox, I have over 800 messages lying unread. Barely 1 in 30 get a reply. And 50% won’t ever reach me, as my virtual assistant filters and deals with them.

When this realization struck me, I was just as surprised as my niece and cousin. Once upon a time, email had consumed half my working life!

= = =

So… what technology is “best”?

None of them.

And all of them.

Because at our core, we are not ‘technology-driven’ – but ‘human nature driven’.

We have different preferences and choices, likes and dislikes, favorites and hates.

That’s why I’ll blithely ignore SMS or email and respond promptly to a Twitter DM, while a teenager will stay glued to her cellphone that acts as her lifeline to a network of her friends, and a teacher will believe email takes priority over all else and must always get a response.

What technology do YOU prefer?