A Child-Like Curiosity

Child like curiosity

How nice it would be to always view the world through the awe-struck, innocent, curious eyes of a child!

And how often we are incurious about the most common stuff – that we really don’t understand at all.

This morning, I was reading my daughter’s book.  It was about the ‘POST’.  Yes, how letters and parcels get mailed and delivered across the world.

Surely you’ve posted letters to international destinations?  You seal the envelope, stick a stamp and drop it into the mailbox.

But have you wondered about what pays for it to be delivered?

Your stamp covers the cost of delivering your letter.  You paid for the stamp in your country.  Your letter gets delivered by a postman in ANOTHER country.

How does that postman get paid?  How does your payment for a stamp translate into paying the postman in another country?

I’ll admit I’ve never been curious about that!  And learned the answer in the book I read today.  It was eye-opening.

“All postal services are members of an international organization called the Universal Postal Union.  Each member delivers post paid for and sent from overseas free of charge.  This expense is balanced by the fact that they don’t have to pay for the delivery of items they send overseas.”

Ok, maybe this kind of curiosity isn’t quite important.

But curious people often have influence – because they are curious enough to push the envelope, explore the uncertain, question the traditional.

And in the process, they uncover information that is entertaining, or informative, revolutionary or profitable, or even world-changing.