Lasting Value

I’ve been writing for over 15 years.  On looking back, there are two kinds of work I’ve created.

Earlier on, I wrote a lot of non-fiction.  Other than short reports and articles, I created over 60 ebooks or ebooklets.  Each took anywhere between a few days and a few hours.

I have also authored one full-length non-fiction book.  It was almost a month before I got it finished.

More recently, with the growing popularity of the ebook marketplace and the Kindle/iPad revolution, I turned my hand to fiction writing.

My very first attempt was a regular novel, a thriller.  Learning to craft fiction, and putting together my very first work in this genre meant that it was a slow, painstaking effort.  By the time I was finally done with my novel – and happy with the result – it was 8 months.

My first shorter novella in another fiction genre was faster.  I got the 10,000 word ebook finished in just a day, working from an outline.

Thinking about all these different types and styles of writing made me wonder about how impactful they might be.

From an R.O.I. (return on investment) perspective, obviously, the faster it gets done, the more likely it is that there will be a greater return from the effort… simply because the investment is so small.

But from a quality perspective, as well as one of depth, meaningfulness and impact, there’s little doubt that a more thoroughly researched and meticulously crafted piece of writing will be better.

It’s a trade-off between ‘quick, easy money’ and ‘lasting value’.

There’s no point at which the two intersect.

Which will you choose?

R.O.I. – or Lasting Value?