And You Were Upset About WHAT?

Today, I experienced one of those moments that remind me how much my profession influences my life.

A middle-aged couple consulted me about a month-old baby they had just adopted, and only afterwards discovered had a heart defect. Fortunately, it was a simple condition that may not require surgery, so I reassured the anxious parents that there was little to worry about at the present time.

But then, as I was getting their back-story, a sad tale unfolded. They had 4 children of their own earlier, all boys – and 3 had died of other birth defects, with the last waiting on a liver transplant list!

As I listened to them share their stressful life experiences, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much courage, fortitude and faith this amazing couple was showing every day – and at how trivial my own problems seem in contrast.

Many things were disturbing my peace of mind this past week. After consulting with this family, all of them faded away. I’m left with nothing but a deep sense of gratitude for life, and all that it has given me.


What were you upset about before reading this post?

Are you, still?

4 Replies to “And You Were Upset About WHAT?”

  1. It puts things into perspective. I am sure that most ‘ordinary’ people would react in extraordinary ways if they are placed in really difficult situations. Not sure about myself though…..

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